"Yes Ma'am" is simultaneously a delightful nightmare and a headbanging assertion of power ("I'm the motherfucking boss," Wsabi Fox declares). It'll worm its way into your head and refuse to let go.
-Will Shenton, ThrdCoast

"Yes Ma'am" is the first single off Wsabi Fox's debut EP, GUSHING, out digitally and on limited edition cassette tape on Floordoor Records July 15th, 2018.

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Debut album GUSHING EP by Wsabi Fox

by Wsabi Fox

GUSHING is a strong and powerful EP, with emotion, dissonance and melody in abundance... a testament to progressive rock’s creativity and a salute to the new ways in which music can create affecting soundscapes and auditory hybrids.

—James Aiden, Jamsphere

Debut EP out on Floordoor Records 2018 available for online streaming, digital download, and limited edition cassette tape. Cover photo by Elizabeth Ibarra.




Jennae Santos is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary performance artist.

Past productions include BIG FIGMENT & LP CHIMÆRICS; Karen O & KK Barrett's psycho opera Stop the Virgens at St Anne's Warehouse & Sydney Opera House directed by Adam Rapp; repairing permissions with Accidental Movement at Gibney Dance Center choreographed by Mariangela Lopez; Nature Theater of Oklahoma's Life & Times: Episodes 1-4 for Under the Radar at The Public Theater; Arone Dyer's Dronechoir Syllaba at 24-Hour Dronefest at Basilica Hudson. 

Past and present players for WSABI FOX include David Palazola (drums), Jory Dawidowicz (cello), Allyson Clare (viola), Lathan Hardy (bari sax), Daniel McKleinfeld (live visuals), Emma Sky (electric violin), Ricky Petraglia (drums), Matt Chilton (tenor sax), & Eva Lawitts (bass).