Simultaneously a delightful nightmare and a headbanging assertion of power. It'll worm its way into your head and refuse to let go.

Will Shenton, ThrdCoast

"Yes Ma'am" is the first single off Wsabi Fox's debut EP, GUSHING, out digitally and on limited edition cassette tape on Floordoor Records July 15th, 2018.

gushing ep 

A strong and powerful EP, with emotion, dissonance and melody in abundance... a testament to progressive rock’s creativity and a salute to the new ways in which music can create affecting soundscapes and auditory hybrids.

James Aiden, Jamsphere

Debut EP out now Floordoor Records released July 18, 2018 for online streaming, digital download, and limited edition cassette. Photography by Elizabeth Ibarra.


Remixes by Floordoor artists: Eternal Garb, Public Speaking, and Ruben Sindo Acosta. Available as cassette B-side on GUSHING tapes, digital download, and online streaming. Photography by Gianna Leo Falcon.

SENSORIAL 27 series

Limited edition series of 27 tapes include original Instax mini portraits by Jessica Ray, Joyce Lanxin Zhao, & Elizabeth Ibarra, bound in tree oil-infused red vinyl snakeskin and Floordoor Records pin. Available for purchase at any live show and on Bandcamp.




Past shows…

  • 01.05.19 Versus @ Hong’s Kong Salon in East Oakland, CA

  • 12.10.18 Banda Grande @ Saint Vitus (Paper Fairy, Tiny Gun, Stimmerman)

  • 11.11.18 duo @ C’mon Everybody (Moon Revenge, Echo Moth)

  • 11.05.18 MF Bass (Upright Trio) @ Threes Brewing (KADAWA, Good Fight)

  • 11.02.18 Motion Triptych, Spectral Fridays #12 @ Spectrum (underorder duo, Alena Spanger)

  • 10.26.18 duo @ Nacho House, New Paltz, NY (Ciarra Fragale, Rose Gold, Camp Saint Helene, Pink Candy)

  • 09.19.18 trio @ C’mon Everybody, Floordoor Records Presents (Public Speaking, A Bunch of Dead People, Eternal Garb)

  • 09.07.18 Banda Sayaw @ Our Wicked Lady, Indie Current Showcase (Hara Kiri, SunSon, Elbows, Akai Solo, Jachary)

  • 09.02.18 solo @ Silvana, New Ape Idea book release party (QNA)

  • 08.25.18 solo @ The Record Shop (Chris Pitsiokos, Talibam!, Sam Weinberg + Mark Morgan)

  • 08.11.18 solo @ Prattsville Art Center (The Delegation)

  • 07.18.18 Banda Grande @ C’mon Everybody, GUSHING EP Release (Charmaine Lee, CP Unit, Mary Knapp, Selector F Yes)

  • 06.29.18 solo @ Human Head Record Shop, Yes Ma’am music video screening (Night Nurse, EDICA+, Selector F Yes)

  • 06.23.18 @ H0L0, Amani Fela Presents (Edward Spliffington Quartet, Acid Head, Wormwatcher, Lil Cigarette, Love Spread)

  • 06.06.18 solo @ Hart Bar (Lightning Bug, Vanessa, Cold Blinds)

  • 05.12.18 Banda Grande @ The Palace, Fox Fest 2018 Sports Charity Fundraiser (Tai Burnette, Wooter, Shadow Year)

  • 04.06.18 Banda Grande @ Jam Palace (Chris Pitsiokos + Jason Nazary + Matt Mottel, Laura Tuthall)

  • 03.01.17 duo @ C’mon Everybody, Floordoor Records Presents (Madam West, Five Pound Snap, A Bunch of Dead People)

  • 02.19.17 duo @ James Gentile Bday (really big pinecone, Oh Golly!, Fragile Gentile, The Regrets)

  • 11.19.16 Banda Grande @ Pet Rescue, Planned Parenthood Benefit (Irrevery, The ‘94 Knicks, Ex-Mothers)

  • 11.11.16 duo @ C’mon Everybody (Sister Helen, Madam West, Shira)

  • 10.08.16 Banda Grande @ MCFK Daughters of Chaos

  • 09.12.16 duo @ Aviv (Edith Pop, No Ice)

  • 08.09.16 Banda Grande @ C’mon Everybody, Floordoor Records Presents (A Bunch of Dead People, Jonah Parzen-Johnson, Public Speaking)


Available at any live show and online. All items include unlimited streaming of GUSHING via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


Chartreuse on black. Anvil 100% ringspun cotton shirts in small, medium, & large. Custom "MF BOSS"- tag printed directly onto shirt (no paper tag). Soft and lightweight. Design by Jennae Santos. Printed by Mesh Print Studio. Model, Kad Diallo, is wearing a size small.


Black satin choker with gold lettering reads "THE MOTHERFUCKIN BOSS." Gold chain with adjustable clasp and triangle detail. One size fits all, adjustable. Designed and handmade by Jennae Santos. No two are exactly the same. 


To Gush is confront your wounds & inner dark, to acknowledge your blues, and how you respond to conflict. To Gush is also to unabashedly overflow with excitement for new love (self-love, romantic, & otherwise), and to express it fearlessly.

Gushing EP on limited edition cassette tape. Gold lettering on red translucent shell. Photography by Elizabeth Ibarra. Design by Jennae Santos. Layout by Alex Ariza. 

Released July 18, 2018 on Floordoor Records. Music by Wsabi Fox. Performed by Jennae Santos (guitar/vocals), David Palazola (drums), Jory Dawidowicz (cello), Allyson Clare (viola), Emma Sky (violin on "Diabolical Hue"), Lathan Hardy (bari sax). Recorded and engineered by Peter Bartsocas at Tall Pine Studios ("Yes Ma'am") and Carlos Hernandez at Gravesend Recordings ("Diabolical Hue" and "Flamingo"). Mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Holy Fang and Sarah Register. 

B-side remixes by Eternal Garb, Public Speaking, and Ruben Sindo Acosta.



WSABI (Warped Sickle And Boss Interior) FOX is a performative art-prog project created by Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist, Jennae Santos.

Santos’ past productions include BIG FIGMENT & LP CHIMÆRICS; Karen O & KK Barrett's psycho opera Stop the Virgens at St Anne's Warehouse & Sydney Opera House directed by Adam Rapp; repairing permissions with Accidental Movement at Gibney Dance Center choreographed by Mariangela Lopez; Nature Theater of Oklahoma's Life & Times: Episodes 1-4 for Under the Radar at The Public Theater; Arone Dyer's Dronechoir Syllaba at 24-Hour Dronefest at Basilica Hudson. 

Past and present players for WSABI FOX include David Palazola (drums), Jory Dawidowicz (cello & upright bass), Allyson Clare (viola), Lathan Hardy (bari sax), Daniel McKleinfeld (live visuals), Emma Sky (electric violin), Ricky Petraglia (drums), Matt Chilton (tenor sax & upright bass), Eva Lawitts (upright & electric bass), & Alex Goldberg (drums).